Melodic Marketing has a talented workforce that is intimately familiar with a vast array of digital marketing architecture. This means that you will always have the support you need for your business and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide a total outsourcing answer to your needs, covering every aspect of development and maintenance for your marketing campaign to create the highest possible results for your business. We generally charge either by retainer, in the form of revenue percentages, or a combination of both for discounts on monthly retainers. New clients are always impressed by the quality and affordability of our work. Below you will find the four-step process that is involved in cases where we are providing complete and total marketing solutions to our clients. Please note that we do offer supplemental services as well, and it is not necessary that we handle all of your marketing needs for us to still be able to help out your business in the form of consultation and campaign improvement.

Services Provided:

0 Social Media Management
0 Website Creation and Management
0 Online Advertising
0 Digital Public Relations
0 Email Marketing
0 Search Engine Optimization and Management
0 Online Listings/Discussion Board Postings
0 E-Promotional Material Generation and Distribution
0 Copywriting


Melodic Marketing can help make sure you're getting the right tools and technology to match your business requirements and objectives. We'll conference online or on the phone with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, timelines, and expectations. We'll also create a sample for you to prepare estimates on services to give you an idea of what you'll spending for what you're getting before you take that next step. For many businesses with existing marketing departments or campaigns, we are almost always able to reduce their current marketing expenditure, not just improving the results of existing campaigns, but lowering the overall cost of the techniques used while achieving those results.

Goal Assessment and Planning

Knowing what you currently have and where you would like to go is the first priority in any goal. Goal assessment is the key to success in the marketing industry. We speak with you, and get to know you and your brand to get an understanding of its and yours goals and objectives. We then gather all the relevant data as to how your current marketing is designed and configured. Afterwards, we perform a gap analysis and provide you with a road map to improve your current marketing approach, and achieve your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. We will then work with you to plan a marketing strategy designed to improve upon areas touched in the analysis as well as any additional areas you are looking to improve. As with any business, planning is key to success. Every step of your campaign is carefully planned with both you and our team before it is implemented. Knowing your current assets and where you would like to take your organization is an important step in advancement, and with our all-important planning stage, we get to map out the best route for your campaign before it’s started, while still leaving room for future changes to be able to be made to it.


The implementation stage is where we really get to show off our skills. After we have custom crafted your campaign and received your green light, it is time to implement it. This process can differentiate depending on your specific campaign. For example, one would not approach marketing a new soft drink line the same way as one would approach marketing an upcoming film. However, the one common denominator between all products, no matter what you selling, is that you want to sell it and promote it in the most effective and cost-friendly way possible. As specialists in "Guerilla Marketing" we are able to implement high-yield results for budgets both small and large using some very creative methods. This allows us to be able to foster successful campaigns for any of and all businesses whether they’re a fashion line or a construction company. 

Improvement and Maintenance

The improvement and maintenance stage is an ongoing cycle of assessment and advancement to improve the performance of your campaign. Through a complex system of insight collection and information management (from sources such as social media reports, web statistics, and search engine query data) we are able to continue to bridge any more gaps that could improve your campaign and continue to accelerate the overall yield of your company and brand.